What is Edison Design Group?

Two of the five current employees of Edison Design Group (John and Steve) worked together in the mid-1980s at Advanced Computer Techniques (ACT), later known as InterACT, in New York, developing compilers for computer manufacturers and the like. Steve founded EDG in 1988. John went to work for AT&T and then joined EDG in 1992.

In July of 2013, Steve moved into a part-time advisory role, and John took over the leadership of the company.

Daveed joined EDG in 1999, and before that worked at Hewlett Packard. He has written a couple of books on C++, including the well-regarded C++ Templates: The Complete Guide.

Mike Miller joined EDG in 2004; he's been a C++ expert (as both user and implementor) almost since before there was such a thing, and has worked at a number of companies, including Glockenspiel, one of the early leaders in the C++ field.

Mike Herrick spent 19 years at Bell Laboratories and its various progeny before becoming part of the initial development team at OpenReach/Corente; he joined EDG in 2006.

Four of us live in New Jersey, and one (Mike Miller) in Massachusetts.

Left to right: Mike Miller, Daveed Vandevoorde, Steve Adamczyk, John Spicer, and Mike Herrick.